About Us

Iselin, NJ native and serial entrepreneur Chris Cartwright learned to clean windows professionally while living on Nantucket Island in 1999. He loved working outdoors and with customers, so it was only natural that 10 years after, in late 2009, he started Triple C Pro Window Cleaning. Within the first six months, Triple C became a sought after company for exterior cleaning, and has been growing ever since!

In February of 2012, Chris met Brooklyn, NY native Nadine Kaplan (now Nadine Cartwright). They instantly “clicked” and have been together ever since. 

After finishing up her Masters Degree in Urban Environmental Planning in 2014, the next logical step was that Nadine would come to work with Chris as the general manager at Triple C. In 2015 they moved to Denville and never looked back.

Although Chris has always found a hobby in treating their own property for pests, in 2021 they bought a house that backed up to wetlands, and quickly found that there was a huge mosquito problem on their property. 

After learning (i.e. obsessing) about the issue, and eradicating the problem in our own yard, our neighbors and friends started asking us to do the same, and Chris thought “Hey, there’s probably a business concept here.”


In order to legally treat anyone’s property for pests, you need to be certified and licensed by the State, so at the time we had to tell our friends and neighbors “no… for now…”.

Thus began a year long educational experience for both Chris and Nadine. All the while we attended a plethora of classes, soaked up every last bit of information that we could find, and eventually became licensed as pesticide applicators in the state of New Jersey.

Chris Cartwright


Nadine Cartwright

General Manager

Eddie Cartwright

Chief of Security / Good Boy

Our business is built on 7 pillars:

To safely and effectively treat for outdoor pests.

To provide a superior customer service experience to all of our clients.

To use materials and application methods that are known to cause minimal harm to the environment, beneficial insects or plants.

To provide the best working environment possible and fair wages to our employees.

To constantly improve our knowledge and methodologies in order to make the Buzz Off experience even more satisfying and convenient to our customers.

To provide full transparency as to what we are doing, what we are using, and how we are using it.

To provide a level of service and value that the national chains and corporations can’t.

Give us a call today to get your free mosquito and tick control quote.  We’re sure you won’t regret it!